Connecticut Genealogy Blogs

 General Connecticut Blogs: 

  1.  Biography
    1. While it is written for a historical society in Alaska, the Skagway Historical Society Blog offers biographies of Connecticut born locals.
  2. Connecticut Writers:
    1. Books New Haven : The blog covers new Connecticut writers and their projects.
  3. Genealogy
    1. GenBlog covers genealogy techniques, including links for Connecticut sources.
    2. Cathy’s Genealogy Blog contains posts on her family research in early Connecticut.
    3. News from CSL provides updates to the Connecticut State Library’s online databases.
  4. Historic Preservation
    1. A Preservationist’s Technical Notebook shares preservation techniques and the history of local homes.
    2. Historic Buildings of Connecticut traces Connecticut’s historic buildings through photos and written histories.
    3. Windham County Cemeteries offers an overview of cemetery history, focusing on Willimantic.
    4. Review, Restore, Renew traces a house restoration in East Berlin.
  5.  Inventions
    1. Connecticut Invents traces Connecticut’s history of inventions.
  6. Military History:
    1. Boston 1775 provides a view into life during the American Revolution.
    2. Connecticut Commemorates the Civil War promotes Connecticut Civil War events.
    3. Irish in the American Civil War suggests what your Irish ancestor’s life may have been like.
  7. Newspapers
    1. History’s Newsstand features snippets of historic newspapers.
  8. Surname Blogs
    1.  Relative Musings studies Connecticut’s Bradley family.
    2. Holmes Genealogy traces the history of the Holmes family in Connecticut.
    3. The Scrappy Genealogist covers the history of several Connecticut families.
    4.  Sinotte Loiselle traces the history of both families.
    5. Sprague Family Research follows the Sprague family of  Connecticut.
    6. Parkman Genealogy offers an overview of the Parkman family.
  9. Travel and History:
    1.  Connecticut Museum Quest: A blog visit to Connecticut’s museums.
    2. The Size of Connecticut:  A travel blog on Connecticut.
    3. The UConn Law Blog covers the law school’s day to day function and a bit of history.
    4. The Best of New England: Written as a travel blog, the Best of New England offers some fun historical tourism.
    5. traces war monuments throughout the state.
    6. Twilight at Morningside is a Connecticut food and travel blog.
    7. The Distracted Wanderer follows a writer through her travels.

Town Specific Blogs:

                1. Avon: The Avon Historical Society’s blog provides a nice history of the town.
                2. Barkhamsted: Enjoy the history of the town on the Historical Society’s blog.
                3.  Branford: Trace the history of 19th century Branford through one set of eyes with Llewellyn Barker Diaries.
                4. Bridgeport:
                  1. Bridgeport’s city historian traces the town’s past through Curious Historian.
                  2.  Sections of Bridgeport’s history appear in Lost History of Bridgeport.
                5. Bristol: While it’s mostly an event blog, the Bristol Public Library blog offers a few great posts.
                6. East Haven: The local library runs an archives blog.
                7. Easton: The Easton Historical Society blog contains some great information, although it may take some digging to find it.
                8. Greenwich: The Greenwich Public Library has two blogs. Historically Speaking is run as their event blog, but there are some great profiles of Greenwich natives. They also run an oral history program.
                9. Guilford: Historic Guilford, the blog for Guilford’s historic tourism program.
                10. Hartford:
                  1.  Old Hartford is a Facebook group for sharing Hartford’s history.
                  2. Hartford studies events in Hartfort’s past.
                  3. Hartford Daily Photo offers a fun view into life in Hartford.
                11. Killingworth: While the blog just covers the Griffin family, the Samuel Griffin Family Blog can provide you with ideas for research. Enjoy the review.
                12. Ledyard: Simply Ledyard CT is run by a local realtor and features local history and more.  Here’s my review. 
                13. Litchfield
                  1. Miss Wiggin’s Attic is the blog of Litchfield’s historical society.
                  2. Hidden in Plain Sight profiles people and places from the town’s history.
                14. Lyme: The Florence Griswold Museum runs From the Archives.
                15. Mansfield:
                  1. The Mansfield Historical Society runs their own blog featuring items from the collection and scenes from town.
                  2. Fresh Pickin’s, run by a UCONN archives, offers some great views of Mansfield.
                16. Middlefield: Judy and Conrad Productions provides a personal view of Middlefield’s history.
                17. Middletown: Wesleyan University’s Special Collections blog shares more than just artifacts of the University. It also covers Middletown’s history.
                18. New Hartford: Another historical society blog
                19. New Haven:
        1. Written by a professional genealogist, Once Upon a Time in New Haven covers New  Haven  history.
        2. Although intended as a family history blog, the Ives Family History blog provides a nice overview of early New Haven.
        3. Yale’s Manuscript and Archives blog helps trace the history of campus.
                1. North Haven: The North Haven Historical Society offers a view into the town’s history.
                2. Norwich: It may be part of a newspaper site, but Norwich Nuggets offers some great research opportunities.
                3. Rocky Hill: Although it’s a bit disorganized, the Rocky Hill Historical Society’s blog is worth a read.
                4. Sharon: Although a bit outdated, the Sharon Historical Society blog offers some good overviews of town history.
                5. Waterbury: Waterbury Thoughts mixes Waterbury history and modern life.
                6. Wethersfield: Who doesn’t love learning more about this old town?
                  1. Check out the Curator’s Corner.
                  2. You can also enjoy Trees for Wethersfield .



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